How to Boost Your Property Value and Save Money on Energy at the Same Time

For most people, their home will be the most expensive asset they ever possess, and selling your home can be the passport to a secure retirement. Because of this, it makes sense to enhance the value of your property any way you can.

But what if you could make your home more valuable in the long-term, while also reducing your regular energy bills? Wouldn't that be fantastic? Well, it's far from impossible. In fact, there are some simple ways for homeowners to save or generate energy and make their home more valuable in the process. Here are some ideas.

Make Your Home as Energy Efficient as Possible

Australians are building larger homes, but they aren't heating or cooling them particularly efficiently, which is leading to rising household costs for electricity or gas fuels. What does this mean for current home owners? Well, it suggests that many buyers in the future will look to buy energy efficient properties. Larger homes with thorough insulation and energy-efficient air conditioning or heating systems will be worth more than cavernous mansions that cost the earth to make them liveable.

If you do install more efficient insulation and take other measures to boost energy efficiency, be sure to get your home certified by NatHERS. Having the paperwork to prove that your home can save money makes a big difference to buyers.

Install Biogas Equipment in Rural Areas

In the countryside, property owners can use the waste products from forestry and agriculture to generate energy in their home. PVC-wrapped biogas digesters can turn food scraps, garden waste and agricultural byproducts into gas to power your heating system or to use in your kitchen stove. Small biogas modules can be installed beside homes, generating both gas and fertilisers that can be used on your garden.

Cover Your Roof in Solar Panels

However, for urban Aussies, biogas might not be a great option. If you have a conventional suburban home and want to make it more valuable, installing solar power facilities is a much better bet. Installation can be completed in a couple of days and a medium sized rooftop array can provide enough energy for your air conditioner and electronic devices. If you aren't using all the electricity it creates, you can even make money by selling the surplus on to the national grid.

According to America's National Bureau of Economic Research, solar panels provide much more than lower electricity bills. They add around 4 percent to the value of your home, and even more in areas where green technology is more popular. This means that as solar panels become more mainstream, their value will increase. As only 15 percent of Aussie homes currently have panels installed, this could be a major dividend when you come to sell.

If you want to achieve the maximum possible sale price for your home, think about more than just tasteful furnishings, landscaped gardens and extra floor space. Adding solar panels, biogas digesters and making your home energy efficient as just as important, and come with the added benefit of lower power bills.