3 Accessories You May Need on Your Cooling Tower

You may need to install a number of accessories depending on the design and the size of your cooling tower. This article discusses some of the accessories that you may need for the cooling tower on your commercial building.

Air Inlet Screens

You may need to install air inlet screens on your cooling tower in case the tower does not have inlet ducts. The air inlet filters help to protect cooling tower personnel from being harmed by the rotating equipment within the tower. The air inlet screens are also useful in case there is a risk that trash, such as tree leaves, will be sucked into the cooling tower. This accessory is particularly necessary if there are large trees near the cooling tower. It is also vital for cooling towers whose components have to be accessed from underneath the tower. This is because such access poses the greatest safety risk to personnel.

Vibration Cutout

It may be necessary to install a vibration cutout in case your cooling tower has large propeller fans. Such an accessory can help to limit the damage caused by vibrations within the components of the cooling tower. For instance, the vibration cutout will shut down the motor of the fan in case a fan blade is damaged and it begins hitting the side of the cooling tower as the fan rotates. The resultant vibrations can severely damage the fan motor if nothing is done to shut down that motor quickly. Vibration cutouts provide that timely intervention to save the motor.

Handrails and Ladders

How do personnel servicing your cooling tower access all the parts of that cooling tower? When was the last time the ladders or handrails were inspected? How appropriate are the ladders and handrails on your cooling tower? These questions may help you to determine what type of access or protection system you need on your cooling tower. Handrails and ladders are a few examples of devices or accessories that can improve the safety of your employees as they work around or inside the cooling tower during the performance of maintenance tasks.

Cooling tower designs and systems are constantly evolving in order to deliver better performance and safety. You need to be in touch with cooling tower experts so that they advise you about the latest accessories that you can retrofit on your tower so that it can perform better and last longer. Start by selecting some of the accessories above for immediate installation if they are lacking on your cooling tower.