Questions to Ask Yourself When Deliberating On the Installation of Solar Panels

There are numerous benefits that you will get to reap when you invest in the installation of solar panels. Unquestionably, the leading advantage of this form of renewable energy is that you get to decrease your electricity bills substantially depending on whether you will opt for partial or complete reliance on solar energy. In addition to this, installing solar panels will automatically bolster the value of your house, as new home buyers will be lured by the act that they do not have to install the solar panels on their own.

Nevertheless, before you can go ahead with this project, you need to establish if your house can currently accommodate solar panels or if you would need to carry out some modifications beforehand. Below are a few questions to ask yourself when deliberating on the installation of solar panels.

How old is your roof?

The foremost question you need to ask yourself when contemplating the installation of solar panels is if your roof will be adept enough to accommodate solar panels in the first place. Admittedly, roofs are constructed to last for decades, but this is not always the case. Factors such as the age of the roof coupled with the degree of upkeep it has been provided over the years will influence whether or not if this structure will be capable of supporting solar panels for the duration of their lifespan.

Generally, solar panels will last for a couple of decades or more. Therefore, if your roof is at the end of its lifespan, you may want to consider replacing it, even if it is still functional. Secondly, if your roof is at the point that it requires restoration, you should discuss with the contractors on ways to reinforce the roof after restoration so that it will accommodate the solar panels without the threat of premature damage.

Which materials does the roof comprise?

You could be thinking that if your roof is fairly young, then you can go ahead with solar panel installation but this is not the case. Instead, you need to assess the types of roofing materials it comprises to determine if they will capable of supporting solar panels. Wood shingles, for example, are not recommended for solar panel installation since this material is not strong enough to support their weight.

Another type of roofing material that is not suitable for solar panel installation is slate, as it is quite brittle. Therefore, if you have these types of roofing materials on your house, you will have to discuss reinforcement solutions with your contractors. Take note, this will increase the cost of solar panel installation. Conversely, roofing supplies such as concrete slabs, asphalt shingles and metal supplies are all ideal for solar panel installation.

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